Monday, November 18, 2013

Safety before bull-dogs

There is super fine vintage muckraking over at Pit Bull Attacks and Dogfighting in Illinois. It's the kind of research that should be done by a "research council" rather than livestock fear mongering and the other sleight of hand tricks that KAREN DELISE has become so well known for.

Here's a taste. Be sure to check it out.

1. The bull-dog is essentially a dangerous animal, and when kept under present conditions it constitutes a perpetual menace to human life. Enough accidents have already happened to admonish all thinking men that women and children are entirely unsafe under present conditions.
2. These conditions will become even worse when these bull-dogs will have bred with the street curs, producing a generation of mongrels even more dangerous and under less restraint that the pure bred individuals.

If bull-dogs are unsafe and vicious, as they seem to have proven themselves within the last few weeks, let us get rid of them. Let us get some other kind of dog. Safety before bull-dogs.

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