Thursday, March 13, 2014

In the spirit of fairness

I tried to research Great Dane attacks. They were once a bugaboo breed, so I assumed I would find quite a few. I was wrong.

Googling "Great Dane attacks" yields 16 results. By comparison, bull terrier attack yields 52 results and pit bulldog yields 125 results. The "Great Dane attacks" results are as follows:
1. a Sept 1899 human fatality featured x3 in those 16 hits
2. lion baiting with a Great Dane -June 1899
3. a savage non fatal attack - Aug 1904
4. a savage non fatal attack - March 1907
5. a savage non fatal attack - Oct 1905
6. brief mention of german training a great dane to attack anyone in a french uniform - Sept 1899
7. multiple attacks by one Great Dane (they sounded like minor injuries) - Oct 1897
8. a Great Dane attacked a flock of sheep (it was shot) - June 1906
9. attack on two kids - March 1908
10. attack on a theater procession was featured x2 - Nov 1904
11. minor attack - Jan 1905
12. attack - June 1898

By far my favorite of the lot was from the Evening Star May 12, 1897.
13. the attack by a "mongrel bull terrier" on a Great Dane and the bull terrier owner shot the Great Dane.

Just another case of your everyday run of the mill psychopathic pit bull owner - Mr William E. Prall Jr.

Gustav Erni's Great Dane was attacked by the bull terrier belonging to his cousin,William Prall. Mr Erni secured his aunt's small white dog before attempting to break up the fight. He returned just in time to find his Great Dane had been shot by his cousin from the balcony.

William Prall was tried for the shooting. Prall denied shooting the Great Dane and called an "expert" to testify on behalf of the bull terrier, stating that it is peaceable and good natured child's pet. The prosecutor interjected, "The law makes all bull dogs vicious, per se." 

Once it had been determined that Prall was guilty of the shooting the Great Dane, Prall changed his story. His lawyer stated that Prall had to shoot the Great Dane in order to save his bull terrier and "no cruelty had been perpetrated." 

This scenario has been faithfully playing out for over 100 years, well, except for the part about the law designating bulldogs vicious. That is rapidly changing.


Anonymous said...

I hope you back these files up. A lot of the ones about Stubby mentioning he was a boston terrier are suddenly missing.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

what are missing? nutter links or actual historical links?

Anonymous said...

They used to be called Ulmer dogs. Also I think it is actually a German breed. German mastiff or Danish mastiff could be other names for Great Dane.
Maybe this will give you more hits.

They used to be regulated around 1900 in the Netherlands. Had to be on a lead in public, or muzzled.

greetings Tegenpitjes

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

thank you Tegenpitjes.

Anonymous said...

several links of both. looks like nutters are running certain gov sites because these are certain articles that are randomly vanishing all of a sudden.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

hmmm... they worked for me.