Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Real dogmans writes Real poetrys

"REAL dogmans"

The pit is my playground…got stamina like a greyhound
I bite down hard…got a grip like no other hound
I`ve met opponents that bite down harder
I live to tell these tales coz I shaked my opponents till they were lifeless
Got a hard body almost as hard as my will
All that’s in my mind is `kill’
I’m the machine the grim ripper made
Mankind made me game
I`ll fight till the last breath…I aint scared of death
I`ll complete any given task…failure aint an option
The pit is like a surgery room and my jaws working on my opponents flesh is the operation
Aint no pain killers for this…game is my anaesthetic
I’m built to last an hour in battle
But as long as my game stay on I’m like boiling kettle
I push to two hours or more if I have to
All my opponents was game but I was gamer than them
I aint scared of anything…throw me a 5 time winner I will put him six feet under
Throw me an Ace I will show him no grace
Look at my face im a mother fvcking Game-Dog


Anonymous said...

Meals on Wheels said...

This is beautiful with some Chopin playing in the background.