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Vincent Girolamo

Big Vinny Girolamo 12.05.47 - 09.12.79

After the completion of his military service in 1966, Girolamo joined the Hell's Angels and became the sergeant-at-arms of the Manhattan chapter. He is responsible for the club's motto "When in Doubt, Knock 'em Out" and their insignia "Evil Force".

On September 21, 1977, 22 year old waitress/girlfriend Mary Ann Campbell died after Girolamo pushed her from the roof of a 6 story building. That night, the drunken Girolamo was also accused of attempting to rape two other members. Girolamo was charged with Campbell's murder but before he could stand trial, he died from an injury to his spleen after a dispute turned physical with Oakland Hell's Angel President Michael "Irish" O'Farrell.

Girolamo is featured prominently in this fascinating documentary about the outlaw biker gang. Hurricane Vinny enjoys third billing, right after Sonny Barger and Sandy Alexander.

Hells Angels Forever, 1983 documentary

Observer Reporter, 1979

Three Can Keep a Secret if Two are Dead

Showdown- How the Outlaws, Hells Angels and Cops Fought for Control of the Streets

Trouble with Angels, NY Times 1994

The Vroom of Engines, NY Times 2007



snack sized dog said...

He had two pit bulls, but then he ate one. whole. That's what made him cranky.

hermaphroditusc2q45 said...

Vinnie had a dispute with Micheal O'Farrell of the Oakland chapter.
They started physically fighting.

Vinnie was clearly winning the fight, when the whole Oakland chapter attacked him with bats.
.not like men would, with their fists.
They attacked Vinnie with bats.
From all angles.
And vinnie still walked away and back to newyork.
After sustaining such a cowardly beating.from basically the e tire Oakland chapter.
Cowardly on the part of the California chapter.

Very pathetic in fact ..
On their part..
In the picture ,presented here, which was taken after the Oakland , incident he doesn't even look beat.

By the way, when all the facts are evaluated properly this needs to be stated...

Vinnie's girlfriend was acting crazy at the time of the alleged incident.

In which he allegedly pushed her.
On a roof.

She was telling at him and screaming and acting loonie.

Finally, being drunk and high at the time he pushed her away from him.

She stumbled and took a bad turn on the roof.
And fell to her death.

That's clearly an accident.

And she was provoking him.

While he was drunk.

You don't do that to a man while he's drunk.

Let alone the leader of the hells angels.

What did she expect was gonna happen?

She was actually breaking the biker code by doing that.


Vinnie didn't mean to kill her.

He just pushed her away from him.
And the accident happened.

Rumours have it , that's why the Oakland chapter attacked him.

That ain't no righteous reason to have taken out Vinnie the way they did.

All facts relating to this matter clearly verify Vinnie was betrayed by the hells angels a d taken out for no good reason...
Vinnie was a legit biker who lived by the biker code..

And as for thoseso called rape charges?

Which happened the same night as the accident?


Vinnie's drunk out of his mind.

So are basically every ofy else too that night.

Including girls partying with the angels.

What did such girls think would happen?
If they decided to go to a party with the hells angels?
That night?

Hey, were in a church!

What are you doing Vinnie?
Your not being normal at a hells angels party are ya?
Imean,come on.
Give me a break.

Two stoned women, deliberately dressed provocatively, partying beside Vinnie that night.

And he's all drugged up.

Your not being normal, are ya Vinnie?

N""sir'' says Vinnie, to the cops.

I'm gay!""
And I do not likewomen.

I mean, come on?
Give me a break?

Rape charges?

They were a couple of prostitutes looking for a good time.

Rape charges.

That's bull shit .

Vinnie wasn't a saint..
But let's not bull shit the facts here neither..
Who is these days?

Call a spade a spade for crying out loud.

Vinnie was a legit biker..

Who lived by the biker code...

And he didn't deserve to die, betrayed by the Oakland angels, like that..
The way he did.

The New York chapter should have gone to Oakland , just once, on a special trip.

To reprimand the Oakland chapter.
Face to face.

For killing Vinnie.

Their biker leader.
Call a spade a spade.

Clear and simple..

Unknown said...

Umm, I’m not sure if ur familiar with any 1% clubs but it’s actually pretty common for them to Jump ppl & even use weapons & shit in the process!! Sum are good, some bad just like the rest of us but a huge %of them join for the protection & ability to be an asshole! I’ve seen so many act hard until the person they’re beefin with doesn’t back down, that’s wen they jump the shit outta them with fist/bats/knives/etc

Unknown said...

Vinnie wasn't the president of N.Y.Chaptetr Sandy Alexander was,Vinnie was the Sargent at Arms

Unknown said...

I can't believe he's my uncle lol

Anna said...

Nice try. Nothing excuses this evil, immature behavior.

Unknown said...

With the lady he threw off the roof the same lady that was his wife on Geraldo show that was pregnant

Anonymous said...

@ Hermaphroditefreak,what are you his illegitimate afterbirth? Irish Ofarrel was a badass fighter and smacked fat vinnies arse on his own,see George Christie telling what he heard.Girolamo was a fuckin dog and bully,even other Angels didnt like him,excuses for pushing a female off a roof?How sad are you?Im out

Anonymous said...

Are you high right now?Poor little misunderstood vinnie.There was a reason there was no reprimand genius,Ofarrel fucked him up alone,is Girolamo your daddy or mommy or life partner?

Anonymous said...

SMH. . .

AudioDiamond said...

The beating happened because EVERYONE was drunk and high as fuck on swank. Vinnie died like he lived. There was nobody to blame. He had been vomiting blood, he should have sought out medical attention and he probably would have lived a little longer. That part is Vinnys business, not anyone elses. Again, some people aren't here to live by anyone elses rules but their own. Period, dot, end of story.

The Muse said...

He tried to rape 2 MEMBERS, as in men. Nothing makes putting your hands on anybody ok, even acting like a B. If he lived by biker code he wouldn't be trying to f his brothers, in any way.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

He was not a nice guy at all just a big bully.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

Anonymous said...

He was not a nice guy at all just a big bully.

form and function ;-)

Anonymous said...

I agree

Anonymous said...

You're right.

Anonymous said...

You're correct! The only response I've read so far that isn't completely fos. The Oakland Charter jumped on Vinnie because he started beating up a Much Smaller member. The Oakland Charter didn't mean to kill him, it just happened that way. There were Many people at fault. And it should have ended differently, but it didn't. But it did end in a biker manner.

Anonymous said...

You're Right On The Money AudioDiamond! I heard that he was beating up Irish, and getting the best of him, and that's why the Oakland Charter This Surgeons wouldn't have just in. However, if he'd have sought out media attention he'd still be alive. The surgeon would have just removed his spleen and stapled him up. Vinnie Fked up just as much as the other Angels.

Anonymous said...

I've read lots of comments on this page about how Big Vinnie died. I spoke with a relative of his who gave me the scoop on supposedly exactly what happened. What happened is that he took a trip out to Oakland to discuss business of some sort. At some point he was at the Oakland Clubhouse partying with his brothers when himself and Michael O'Farrell got into a verbal dispute that turned physical. At that time it was O'Farrell who was the Chapter President in Oakland. Sonny had just been sent to Folsom Prison. Well, when it got physical Vinnie began quickly getting the best of Michael. Hell he outweighed him by 200 pounds. So the entire Oakland Charter began jumping on him. One for beating on a much smaller member, and two, their President being the one he was beating on. They reacted violently as only Hells Angels could've and would've. They did not mean to kill Vinny. Matter of fact one of the members wanted to drive him to the Hospital, which he declined.
By the time Vinny did make it back to New York it was too late. We can't live without our spleen. There were Lots of people to blame.
But this is supposedly the one true story that can be believed.

Anonymous said...

I entered a well spoken, credible response to this article and it didn't get published. I put no one down, was respectful towards all, unlike many other people on this site commenting. And I have inside knowledge of Exactly what happened. But maybe you just enjoy the drama of the distortion of the facts?

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i publish comments when i remember to check for comments, which is usually not daily and sometimes i forget to check comments for a month or more. it is nothing personal and certainly nothing against your comment.