Saturday, December 7, 2013

1878 America's Dog attacked America's First People

CRAZY HORSE'S SQUAW IN TROUBLE.  – A terrible fight occurred yesterday afternoon at the corner of Ferguson and Sixteenth streets, between Crazy Horse's squaw and a young bull terrier, The terrier was brought to this city form Fort Laramie a day or two ago. At the Fort it had learned to despise Indians, and always fight them. Yesterday when the dog ran across Crazy Horse's squaw, who has been in the city about a year, and is said to be found at the corner named on sunny days, there was an instant declaration of war by the canine. At the moment of attack the beautiful Indian widow was against a post, smiling languidly upon Turck and Roberts, who were sitting in Joslin & Park's window. Her back was turned to the dog and he sprang at her well-developed calves with fury. So unexpected was the attack, and so lightning-like the motions of the terrier, that he bit both limbs before Mrs. Crazy Horse could turn around. The owner of the dog, who loves Indians less if possible than his dog seeing that the squaw was about to injure the dog, sprang upon her and grasped both arms, holding them with a vice-like grip which defied her frantic efforts to get free. The terrier was busy, and for a full fifteen minutes it was allowed to tear and rend the helpless squaw, even springing into her face, biting out one cheek and tearing off the under lip.  Satisfied at last, the pale face released the squaw, mounted his horse, and giving a shrill whistle disappeared, followed by his dog. Drs. Preshaw and Tuttle were at once summoned by M. D. Altmen, and dress Mrs. crazy Horse's wounds, which, though severe, are not considered dangerous, as the loss of blood was less than usual. – Cheyenne Leader.


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S.K.Y. said...

Wow, these pit nutters haven't changed a bit in over a hundred years. The pinning-the-arms part is still being done today, along with pit owners stabbing people who are trying to free their pets from the gaping jaws of the pit.