Saturday, March 30, 2013

Idiot Dog vs. Cement Pig

Another stupid pit bull trick - attack a talking concrete statue of a pig.

So…was this most intelligent and people pleasingly obedient pit bull thinking it was attacking a pig? or a person talking from inside a pig? or an inanimate object?

No worries, do not let this shake your confidence in nanny pit bulls. They can always distinguish small talking animals from other animals, people in costumes, and talking statues - always.
August 10, 1986
Boulder, Co. - Slick the talking pig, a concrete porker voted Boulder's best art work, has regained its voice following a mauling by a pit bull terrier.
"That pit bull broke from the leash, growling, snarling and attacked the throat of Slick," said Don Ray, owner of Oh, Caroline pit Barbeque, where the pit has stood since October.
The dog struck Thursday night as Slick started talking to a customer leaving the restaurant, Mr. Ray said.  "He completely ripped out the speaker under his throat and it was on the ground, teeth marks and all," he added.
After the incident, the woman walking the terrier regained control of the dog and left without a word Thursday night.
(Seriously, do pit bull owners get a manual to own these things that stipulates that any show of responsibility will get them kicked out of the nutter club?)

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Mark and Claudia Kelly

Apparently it is easier to put a man on the moon than to educate people about the dangers of gripping dogs or hold them responsible for the mayhem their mutant grippers create.

Claudia Kelly and Shiner

During a family vacation on Laguna Beach, the gripper belonging to CLAUDIA KELLY, daughter of astronaut MARK KELLY and stepdaughter of Gabrielle Giffords, over powered her in order to attack a baby sea lion on the beach. CLAUDIA and two other women halfheartedly worked to free the federally protected marine mammal from the gripper's locked jaws while men from above videotaped the mayhem and instructed her to hold her ugly dog under water to get it to release. The incensed princess promptly fired back "what the fuck".

Daddy to the rescue
Astronaut MARK KELLY intervened and shook the ugly mutant off the dead seal and high tailed it out of there, while another woman consoled his blubbering princess, all caught on video. Law enforcement failed to issue any citations to the traumatized little princess and her celebrity dad citing, "It was legal for her to have the dog on the beach this time of year, and she did have it leashed. It was so strong that it pulled free of her when it saw the sea lion." Capt. Jason Kravetz

Like the border collie that herds ants, this purpose bred dog will exercise its gripping DNA on whatever is handy, there is nothing accidental about it.

Daddy and Shiner on the Walk of Shame

MARK KELLY and Gabrielle Giffords are behind the non-profit americans for responsible solutions calling for a tightening of gun laws while endangering our public beaches with vicious gripping dogs.

Daily Mail

Please sign the petition to hold the KELLYS accountable.