Friday, February 17, 2012

Only fit for the pit


The bull terrier is bred from an English hound and full-blooded bulldog, and the best breed are those raised in the north of England.

Bull terriers are used for fighting, rat killing, bear badgering and raccoon baiting. This species of canine derives his name from the fact thatin days of yore he was pitted against bulls, and wagers were put up on such contests.

Bulldogs are generally low in stature, deep and broad chested, and compactly built about the shoulders and thighs. The head of a well bred bulldog should be broad and his nose short,while his under jaw should project beyond the upper one. His eyes should be large and have a peculiar glare, which, with the distention of the nostrils, should make him have a ferocious and determined look.

It has always been acknowledged that the bulldog is the most ugly and unrelenting of the canine breed. He will attack any animal, no matter whether it be a lion or a tiger. It is strange and yet a fact that the brain of a bulldog is smaller than that of any other animal. A Newfoundland dog is intelligent, but a bulldog is devoid of every attribute of intelligence, and he is only fit for the pit.

Richard K. Fox

amazon no longer offers this title. it seems that the nutters were successful at having it removed. soon i will scan the entire book and make it available for free.

The Dog Pit is available at the following book sellers for about $25:

thank you cinnamon, you saved my book from a razor blade.

take note nutters: if you succeed in banning any of the books that i own, i will carefully take them apart, scan them and make them available for free.


Small Survivors said...

wow, that's how advocates for the breed described the vicious idiot dog in 1888 at time when children in the UK and US were allowed to work 12 hour days in sweatshops and in mines handling explosives...

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

easy to see why the nutters have started a book burning campaign, isn't it?

cinnamon2005 said...

cinnamon2005 said...

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

thank you! i found this book still being sold at a sporting dog magazine site last night but i can't really recommend that people patronize them.

i will update the link and direct people to these other vender options.

cinnamon2005 said...

This is what I use to find books. I just recently used it to look up a book called The Visitor-about an Irish Setter(at one time we had 4 Irish Setters-my last one now is 12yrs old) I have the book and was looking for a copy for a friend.
This site finds the book you are looking for at various sites:

Anonymous said...

did you scanned it? would be a interesting read but 30 bucks for 50 pages i wont invest. so if you scanned it i would be happy about a copy

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

no i have not scanned it. it is still available for sale. i do not intend to undercut book sellers. it would unethical and illegal.

Anonymous said...

while i don't hate pit bull terriers ( i do like them), and i believe your lumping them together with bulldogs, bull terriers, staffs, and other breeds and calling them 'idiot dogs' (which is certainly not true in the case of the game bred american pit bull terrier.) is.... biased to say the least; at least you post enough truth (accounts) to make the general public not ruin it for the rest of us. as my thanks for showing people not to get these dogs, i am getting this book soon. pretty cheap too. would you like for me to link you to the pictures when i am done?

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

hello anonymous pit bull defender,

my "bias" is based on research from pro pit bull sources and while i would like to take credit for the idiot dog moniker, i cannot. i lifted it from this 1858 new american cyclopedia entry. actually the authors wrote: DOG IDIOT, not idiot dog.
So strongly marked is this peculiarity, that an able recent writer on the dog considers the bull-dog as a sort of abnormal canine monster, a dog idiot, yielding to uncontrollable physical impulses, now of blind ferocity, now of equally blind and undiscriminating, mandlin tenderness, which renders him more addicted to licking, slobbering, and mumbling the hand, the boot, or any other part of any person to whom he takes a sudden and causeless liking, and whom he is just as likely to assault the next moment, than any other species.

dog idiot, idiot dog, they fit nicely with fox's above reference to it as "devoid of every attribute of intelligence"

i lump the bulldog, bull terrier and staffybull with the APBT cuz let's face it, the pit nutters do. nutters claim hellen keller's dog was an APBT, it was a boston bull. they claim laura ingall's dog was an APBT, it was a bulldog. they claim bogart's and billie holliday's dogs were APBTs, they were boxers. they claim this dog on the war posters is an APBT, it is a bullterrier.