Monday, December 19, 2011

1917 war hero

Pit bulls went to war alrite, but mainly as mascots. They never did anything useful like find the enemy.


Anonymous said...

The US military did not create a Military Working Dog program until 1942. I does not include Pit bulls and Pit Bulls a banned from Military Hosuing areas.

Anonymous said...

The more I research, there are few pit bulls if any that actually fought along side the men at war. Most were mascots. And when you think about it, they would have been the perfect weapon in terms of attack and destroy, they have the jews, stamina, and threshold to withstand almost any level of pain they can possibly endure.

But maybe they weren't used because too many pit bulls in one camps would have been a liability on the army in some way or form.

Either way, pit bulls were not popular in the least when it came to war combat. The dogs that seemed to be the most used were labradors, german shepards, dobermans, boxers, small terriers, and mutts. Very little pit bulls... You know, all those other breeds that were either once the evil dog of insert random decade that holds no evidence. OR dogs that are claimed to have been just as dangerous as pit bulls. Take your loose theoretical pick...