Saturday, February 11, 2012

Oh, horrors of horrors

It is unfortunate, if such scenes had to be, that they did not occur in Vicksburg, Mississippi, where a few days ago thousands of white men and women dug a hole in the ground and buried a colored man, all but his head and then, after tantalizing a vicious bulldog to a frenzied state, put him in the iron cage that covered the head of the doomed man and then danced with delight while the maddened brute tore the man's tongue and eyes out and likewise scalped him.

Cayton's Weekly, Seattle, WA, August 02, 1919


Anonymous said...

This blog has only been up for two months and already there are around 74 posts that show the true history of the pit bull dog and around a fifth of these have images that show dogs closely resembling the pit bull dogs we have today. 

If you keep posting at the rate you're going you will have more than 400 objective posts about the history of pit bull dogs by the turn of the year. 

This blog along with your truth blog is a true source of education for anyone who wants to learn about pit bulls.  I think these two blogs will promote the pit bull community to either be more truthful or realistic about the dogs they are bringing into their homes and society. 

Continue doing the work you do and spread these blogs as frequently as possible.  You have to drown out the crazy promoted by pit bull advocates.  

I've looked trough your other entries and see you've missed some stories that other people have posted. I think you should post them.  Especially the one where a pit bull breeder admits that he's trying to erase the bad rap of pit bulls by having a young girl lead them on a sleigh. The story was circa the 1930's. 

Anonymous said...

If the nutters believe that pit bulls can experience racism or understand what it means. Then wouldn't the put bulls that were used to hunt down slaves and do horrible things as linked here be equally as racist as us? But then, at this mention, I guess they're just dogs again and such a thing they want us to take literlally must not be taken literally when the motto backfires.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

there is no end to this project. more and more new stories will be publicly archived.

this is a huge ongoing project. i would love to be able to set aside a month to dedicate 8-10 hours a day to work on this just to catch up with the pile of stories i already have. vintage usually sends me more than i have time to post. some of these links require that i set the type in them. that is time consuming.

occasionally other people (you are probably one of them) post links here. i save those emails and plan to get to them all but it could a while. they are piling up. if you would like to help, please shoot me an email.