Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Beware of Pit Dog

A "pit" bulldog belongs to a strain of dogs which have been trained for centuries to fight each other in bloody battle to the death in a dog pit.

Around this pit, or arena inhuman humans, more brutal than the brutes that they brutalized, assembled to gratify an evil lust for blood and rejoice int he suffering and death of the wretched animals they have trained to cruelty and ferocity.

Today dog fighting is forbidden by law, but its sadism and evil blood lust still persist in various forms.

Indeed, dog fights are still held secretly in hidden cellars.

And other equally sadistic crimes against miserable animals are still perpetrated behind the closed doors of laboratories into which the public is never allowed to look.

Small wonder that pit bulldogs have inherited the ferocity of their masters, who trained them to brutality.

No pit bulldog should ever be made the companion of a child.

Parents should heed this warning.

There are plenty of dogs trained by gentleness and kindness to protect children and which will sacrifice their own lives in their loyalty to their humane masters.

Milwaukee Sentinel February 16, 1945

* so nice to see an acknowledgement of the suffering of lab animals.


Anonymous said...

you should upload the image that goes with this. images always speak volumes.

Anonymous said...

Pit Breeders have produced dogs that have killed at least 272 Americans since this article. Slightly over half of them children.

Filthy dogfighters...