Thursday, January 12, 2012

Presidents and pit bulls

"The greatest thing about him is cool persistency of purpose. He has the grip of a bulldog; when he once gets his teeth in, nothing can shake him off."

President Lincoln's impression of Ulysses S. Grant

Pushing to the front, or, Success under difficulties: a book of inspiration

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Anonymous said...

My favorite Presidential doggie...Theodore Roosevelt's Pete:

1907: President Roosevelt's Bulldog pup "Pete" expelled then re-expelled from the Whitehouse after several attacks

May 01 1907 returns to White house after banishment for attacking diplomat

May 10 1907 attacks Naval Clerk John Thomas and it takes Whitehouse police 15 minutes to make Pete release:

July 25, 1907 Pete permanently banished after attacking a telegraph worker installing a communication line:,7819756&dq=attacked+by+bulldog+pete&hl=en