Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Crazed Pit nutters

Cellar Full of Bulldogs

Barricaded behind crates and garbage on her roof, Mrs Emily Miller today defied capture by the police for several hours. The police had been summoned by terror stricken neighbors after Mrs Miller, a widow, had fired a number of shots from a six shooter.

When the first shots were heard, every window in the neighborhood went up, every door opened and a score of excited people ran into the street to ascertain the cause of fusillade. The lady on the roof in the meantime had refilled her revolver and another rattle of shots sent the inquisitive scurrying indoors as fast as they emerged.

The shooting brought Patrolman Matheson to the scene. He approached the house and yelled to the woman to descend. Mrs Miller, whose gunnery practice was taken as evidence of insanity, replied to the summons with a volley which caused Matheson to flee precipitously.

The policeman then tried strategy. He eluded the watchful Mrs Miller and leaped hastily over the back yard fence. Then he leaped out more hastily with several ferocious bulldogs belonging to Mrs Miller, fighting for places of honor at his coat tails.

Undaunted, Matheson drew his club, reversed his revolver, scaled the fence and after strenuous battle, killed three of the dogs and sent the others howling. The patrolman opened the door and the second division of Miller bulldogs sprang at him. One was brained by the policeman's club and the others fled. Anticipating a strenuous battle when he reached the roof where Mrs Miller was bombarding the air and bringing in the police from outlying districts, Matheson cautiously advanced.

When he stepped out on the roof he was greeted by Mrs Miller with a pleasant smile. "How do you do officer. It was so good of you to take so much trouble to come here," said the woman with the revolver. "Certainly I will accompany you, but really this notoriety is most disagreeable. I wish you would call a cab."

Matheson called a municipal "taxi" and Mrs Miller is now in the detention hospital, while Matheson is preparing a requisition for a new uniform to replace the one destroyed in the performance of duty.

Daily Capital Journal, Salem, OR, May, 25, 1910

Edgefield Advertiser, Edgefield, SC, November 6, 1912


Anonymous said...

Watching pitbulls and paroles and Tia said something that struck a nerve with me. 

She had rescued a pit bull who had just had puppies. Apparently the owner of the dog was in jail because of some break either in her probation or she was using illegal drugs.  Her boyfriend was already in jail so she took her pregnant pitbull and lived with it in the car. 

Roxie the pitbull was reunited with her owner and Tia was outraged that anyone would dare judge pitbulls or their owners. 

The pitbull was pregnant so that would be irresponsible owner error number 1.  The owner was an addict which creates a bad environment for the dog and neighborhood. The owner was forced to sleep in her car which further puts more strain in the welfare of the dog and society. 

So we have no right to judge addicts and their dogs that they can't even care for?  That would be like saying we shouldn't judge molesters and rapists because they were good at something else or later proved their decency despite the hazards they've gathered. 

The owner sobered up, but I bet that happy ending will be short lived. Unless like many nutters that dog is literally her life force. 

Anonymous said...

And isn't she the one who's constantly saying that pitbulls are the most poorly kept breed of dog? Shouldn't this owner "who should not be judged" be under the same label by definition? I guess whatever makes the story seem to have a happy ending

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

yes, the owner should have been held to the same standard.

recently i caught an episode of tia's circus. there was a pit named twanda (sp?) who was slated to be adopted after her medical issues were resolved. well the adopter called tia and informed her that they had a serious "yard accident" with their existing pits. twanda is still villalobos.

Jaloney said...

YARD ACCIDENT... a pit nutter term for pitbull mauling.. They use jargon to cover everything.