Wednesday, December 14, 2011

1917 tap on the shoulder triggers attack

A tap on the shoulder triggers this white bull terrier to attack his master's wife.

December 4, 1917 Washington Times


Anonymous said...

And here we see the true loyalty of the pit bull dog. :-)

I cannot comment on your blog because you have anon comments turned off. But that lycanprincess nutter on your blog truly is priceless. I love how she's gone through the effort of going under three different names in order to try and weed through your blog; when anyone with half a mind can see that that WestieWest, SabertoothLioness, and her third account are all the same account with the exact same handing on "breed persecution" mostly centering around GSD, APBTS, and the SBT. Despite the fact that he breeds considered "next" are rarely if ever considered by blind biased. There's almost always numbers of breed specific attacks that call for a breed regulation or ban.... too bad her and Fuzznuts are too dumb or too gullible to understand this simple fact.

Amazing that both have claimed any pit bull advocate (terriermen) or person who seems anti pit bull (Dawn, Collen)has no life when dismantling destructive lies that hurt both the people and the breeds of dogs they say they "love" but seem todo everything in their waking time on the internet to stop people who "have no lives" or "aren't a real threat." If you and others like you are no intimidating; why do they spend so much time writing lengthy comments on your blog? I find that pitifully humorous....

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i agree with you about the obsessive nutter mantra "get a life". i just received a comment on the truth blog byt someone who created a google profile named "get a life" just so they could comment. of course it was a complete off topis rant that violated the no off topic comments.

what the lycan nutter princess doesn't realize is that i saved her profiles prior to her quick panicked edits after i outed her. i guess i will have to upload them to scribd.

the pit nutter blog also accepts anonymous comments.

Anonymous said...

Please do. She needs to be called out on her bull.