Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Profile of a early 20th century pit bull owner and his pit bulldog

Pit Nutter Mission statement established in 1903. It's time for a new one guys! :-)

Outcault is probably laughing in his grave at how accurately his depiction of pit bull owners was and would still be 100 years later.

Buster Brown is the pit bull owning cartoon created by R. F. Outcault in 1903. Nutters wear this famous pit bull as a badge of honor but they fail to realize that Tige is no Lassie or Rin Tin Tin. In fact, Tige's primary contribution to the comic seems to be Buster's partner in mayhem.

Tige bites the doctor
Tige bites policeman
Tige tries to attack the skipper
Tige bites man
Tige mayhem
Tige biting burglar
Tige bites Buster when he is forced to give Auntie a kiss
Tige creates mayhem while chasing a cat
Tige gets jealous when Buster fawns over a goat
And my personal favorite, Tige shows his true racist colors:
Tige bites the balloon man, he doesn't like "dagos"

Directory of all Buster Brown comics

The Truth About Buster Brown and Tige


Anonymous said...

Tige is racist towards Italians and admits he's easily provoked to bite by things that displease him... would explain why he attacked the goat so suddenly as well as Buster... America; here is the most forgiving of dog breeds as well as the most sweet natured with children.

Anonymous said...

You are more likely to get attacked by a bully breed than any other breed. Take the Mastiff. If you read about a Mastiff attack, turns out to be a Bul Mastiff-bred to be more aggressive.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the only reason nutters use tige as example is because they've never read the comics to see his true colors. All they've ever seen is a boy and his pit bull on shoes and maybe a few holiday cards. Why research more to see Tige's true colors when you can presume from half evidence that he was a good dog overall? That would defeat the purpose!

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"I'm sure the only reason nutters use tige as example is because they've never read the comics to see his true colors."

EXACTLY! it's the reason behind all of their myth chanting.
they don't KNOW, they just repeat.

Anonymous said...

I am glad that i've discovered your blog. I am still a pit bull advocate but I no longer buy the propaganda hook line and sinker. The solution to the problem is obviously not in how they're raised or treating them like toy pugs or soft goldies. They are different, and until we regulate the breeders and owners more people and pits will suffer. I would love to see it stop but my views are few and far between in the pit bull community.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

everyone thinks people like colleen lynn, tom skeldon, kory nelson and myself are the enemy of the pit bull. in truth, it is people like jane berkey and ledy vankavage and karen delise who sit atop the massive mountain of lies that leads to tragedies.

i am glad you discovered this blog too. i wish the pit bull community would monitor itself. when i see comments like yours, it gives me a little hope.

and if you haven't discovered the truth blog yet, please check it out.

The TRUTH About Pit Bulls

Anonymous said...

I think people seem to believe you guys are horrible because of the tone carried out. However, if they can look past themselves then they would see that several if not most of your points are correct.

If the community hates seeing abandoned pits why don't they regulate the breeders? If most pit bull attacks are caused by negligent or abusive owners why don't they screen and regulate who owns the dogs? I used to believe that somehow these laws would remove my rights to own a pit bull. But per ownership should be earned, for the benefit of the animal and the humans involved.

If these people claim to really be against these things why not support regulation? IF they claim they are responsible why would they fear being denied the right to own a pit bull if they can prove it? I honestly do not see how this discourages responsible ownership or how it removes the rights of responsible owners...

Anonymous said...

Because Pit Breeding, Dog Fighting and Pit Advocacy/Rescue is a co-dependent $Billion Dollar tax and liabilty free industry.

For example:

Denver is demonized as a Doggie Auschwitz, yet they had less than 200 pitties go through their A/C system last year.

Maricopa County, AZ and Los Angeles euthanized a combined 22,000 pitties last year, yet are considered enlightened Pit eutopias. Why?!? Because the breeding market remains open, lucrative, and Pit Advocates can make a nice living off the problem.

Meanwhile, families of mauling victims are holding bakes sales to fund surgeries to craft an ear out of rib cartilege...Yet, a phoney veteran can claim his biter is a PTSD Service dog and raise $17,000 in days.

Anonymous said...

So in reality none of these people care about the dogs... Or if they do, it's often brainwashed to where their own methods don't even make any sense.

I was reading in one of your listed blogs that Ledy has been trying to remove laws that actually promote responsible ownership and protect pit bulls. I didn't believe it until I read the laws for myself and saw that they were either not breed specific, or they were but promoted responsible ownership. What the hell is wrong with these people? And why are so many of their followers in so much denial about what is going on?

I have a friend who's dog was mauled by a pit bull and they had to raise all the money themselves to help the dog live. The pit's owner had no insurance so...

Anonymous said...

I also noticed more bloggers going around trying to take down regulations that actually helps the dogs but then ask for money to help the pit bulls who suffer from bad owners or predicaments because they were too easily attained by anyone.

Check out this blog.

Although I love reading it along with other pit bull blogs. None of them address the human suffering that occurs with pit bulls who are ether neglected, abused, or born mean who later attack humans. None of these blogs have ever held a fund to help a pit bull attack victim yet they, like you said, raise a lot of money rapidly for the pit bulls they're trying to save. They had a pit named Levi at one point who they successfully raised thousands of dollars for in a matter of a month or so to get eye surgery but where does the money go for the human victims? And now they're asking for money to help some more pit bulls who've come across some misfortune.

I cannot express these views with most of my friends who support or who own pit bulls. They literally think that the suffering of the individual dog is more important than that of the human the same type of dog hurt. Wouldn't it be responsible for pit communities to do fund raisers for a certain number of serious attacks on people each year? It wouldn't only help them save face and give them some credibility. It would be the ultimate apology to those people who were attacked.

I would like to donate money or start some sort of charity that would help raise money for serious dog attack victims. But I don't yet know how to start a credible organization that would be successful at that kind of thing.

Anonymous said...

Actually, BADRAP raised donations for Darla Napora's funeral...The other 19 Californians killed by Pit Bulls since 2005...mere speed bumps since they weren't cult members.

Good luck! be forewarned...You'll be attacked as heretic and a dog hater by those whose incomes depend on perpetuating the problem.