Saturday, December 10, 2011

Horribly Mangled By Dogs

Another senior citizen savaged while taking a walk. déjà vu.

The Evening Bulletin Maysville, KY July 26, 1889


Anonymous said...

Dawn, on page 48 of this link

There seems to be a rising concept that there were some people who either believed they could make pit bulls good pets by nurture, or that some were breeding some lines of that nature. I highly doubt that many people were breeding these dogs to be good family pets; but this is an interesting subject that could be researched on your end. How many people back them claimed to be breeding, "American-Domestic Pit Bull Terriers" ?

Article seems to say that Chas Werner fought dogs, maybe, but also claims to be breeding for a pit bulls that could be considered family pets.

"It reflects badly on the whole pit bull breed if undue sacrifice at this late day has yet to be made to establish its ethical right to be called dead-game, which standard through countless battles in the pit to the satisfaction of the american it has established. this dog above has proven to me his willingness to battle to the death, but I have no moral right to let him do it to please myself or any other man."

Another page says this,

"I notice that in several of your advertising columns that several of the pit bull terrier stud dogs have AKC numbers. In reply, we will state that the pit bull terriers are not recognized by the AKC and cannot be registered as such. many of these pit bull terriers are english bull terrier (probably marked with brindle or black) from registered parents and of course eligible for registration. under proper conditions, your dog can be resisted as a bull terrier, but not as a pit bull terrier.'

You can find the above quote with the header "pit bull terriers" with an image of a black and white pit bull named "thunderbolt" to the right of it.

Anonymous said...

Chas Werner can be found again in the same link. But his commentary has been extended. The extended article can be found next to an ad called "Dent's Dog Remedies."

" - it has established to the satisfaction of the American, not in the fighting game. only out of the game lies the path for the pit bull terrier's advancement to its rightful place as the dog superior for the American home - for it will only be there where the ethical standard will shine the brightest for the life progress and elevation of the pit bull out of obscurity, rom being the under dog in the world to the highest grade in the classified dgololgy - The American standard dog -"

He goes on to say this.

" - if by now, after many generations through a practice in vogue since time unknown on to this day by which the present type of pit bull terrier was evolutionized, perfect typical characteristic traits and virtuous qualities are to predominant in the individual dog. through noble inheritance then the thoroughbred strain of pit bull is defective, and no true blood lines are of any genuine value on their own merits by transmission to coming generations of his get. therefore it must be admissible that only by a practice display of true dog lovers sentiment lies the hope for the brightest future of the 'outcast' to be known as the ideal American Dog. Not in the game, but out of it, will we stand before the world as a champion of his cause. not in the pit but out of it we fight his battle for his supremacy as our noble dog. for us onward we go through the portal of our time, there stands on the threshold of moderns pit bull terrier history, a sign and by the light within us we read: 'From Pit to Home.' "

What year was this article or book published? The years I found was 1911 but it could be later. But I find it interesting it's a pit bull breeder who's trying to make pit bulls ideal to the more common people. What's his motivation? Did he not mention that he fought at least one of his pits? This doesn't say that they were America's dogs, but the myth holds some ground even if it's very shaky. Maybe the pit bull groups and people who lived near this time period exaggerated the claim that "pit bulls were America's dogs" especially since they generally only mean the APBT which is a theory that holds looser ground. Maybe the rumor began through this man's post. His desperate hope that his breed of choice would become more loved by the general public.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

hey anonymous, how freaky! i have been making through this all day. towards the beginning of each issue, there are letters to the editor. there is an interesting on going discussion about changing the name of the pit bull terrier because of the fear and stigma.

Anonymous said...


that would be a good post! showing once more that most pit bull owners will do anything to save face, even if it means blatantly lying.