Saturday, December 10, 2011


Wait a minute, I thought that pit bulls were originally bred as working dogs and enjoyed nanny dog and war dog hero status back in the day? I thought bloodhounds and newfies were the first targets of media hysteria?

stubby dog


The Ogden Standard, Ogden, Utah, Thursday, January 29, 1914

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helplesspaperboy said...

No sad news of tots and babes today... good news for me! And odd news henceforth! For at least a moment ~

1912 Owner of bull terrier beaten to steal dog and pit against another!

1916 Notation of the fence hopper!

1909 Boston Bulldog considered trusty pet for fetching jewels!

1910 Bull terrier may become popular pet rivaling its cousin the Boston Bulldog! Surely this must mean the American pit bull terrier! But alas! It is the America's egg head cousin that is on the rise! As the Staffordshire and American pits were not of AKC lineage at the time! Take a long gander at bull terrier champions... Eddy! Patsy! Wildfire! and Burning Daylight!